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Sidemount system NEW

Sidemount system NEW


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Brought down to the essential this SM BCD has a lift of 14 kgs, most of it being positioned in the middle/lower part of the
bladder, allowing idea trim. Weights can be added on an additional webbing of medium hardness sawn behind the dorsal webbing.
The bladder holds nicely tight and snug around your body thanks to the bungy system and can be fully personalized to your body size.

Why we recommend to buy the non assembled set and build it up by yourself?

Each sidemounter should be able to personalize his rig according to his body size, habits and local equipment. Ideally, he should be able to repair his rig. For this reason we STRONGLY recommend you to build up your rig yourself and become fully familiar with it. There is a video on youtube with our recommendations and tips. Of course you can always opt to have us building it up for you but in that case there will be a assembly fee.

Assembly fee – 30 EUR

The set includes:
1. Bladder with OPR valves and inflator
2. Upper node of the harness with webbing
3. 300 cm of 6mm bungy
4. 7 latex rings (+2 spare ones)
5. 10 gliders (+2 spare ones)
6. 2 gliders with attached bent D-ring
7. 2 rubber O-rings (+2 spare ones)
8. 2 buckles “square”
9. Mini lumbar stainless steel plate
10. Crotch strap in soft webbing with 2 D-rings and glider
11. 100cm of line
12. 1 90mm SS snap link

13. Hose for sidemount 20cm

Weights can be added to the back webbing strap as well as to the strap going up to the shoulder (see the glider in the pictures). The option of a weight pocket is also available, but it has to be purchased separately and there are two sizes: S, code  240085 (up to 3 soft lead weights of 3kgs each) or L, code 240086 (4×3=12kgs).

Any embroidery can be made on your bladder for 20eur (size up to 50x220mm)

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