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Compact lite 14l BLACK

Compact lite 14l BLACK


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Built for travellers, Compact Lite 14L is a light and streamlined BCD weighing only 2.5 kg. The bladder has a volume of 14 liters and comes in red, black, pink or blue camouflage as well as bullet proof kevlar. The shoulder buckles are secured with a bungee to facilitate the wearing and to increase safety by preventing complete opening of the shoulder strap in case of an unwanted opening or malfunctioning of the buckle. Side pockets are attached to the waist strap with a glider and are available in more colour combinations. The tank is fixed in three different positions: with a standard cam buckle cylinder strap, a simple velcro cylinder strap and 25mm webbing strap to be tightened around the neck of the tank. Additional weights can be put in the 2 weight pockets (each up to 2,5kgs) on the single tank stabilizer. This BCD can be used with a single 12l cylinder. The inflator is 400 mm / 16” long. 6 aluminium D rings.Available with quick adjust waist plastic buckle or aluminium buckle on request.

Any embroidery can be made on your bladder for 20eur (size up to 50x220mm)