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Donut XL Double Bladder

Donut XL Double Bladder


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Two inside bladders for deep diving.


Complete redundancy with one inflator and one OPR valve on each of the two bladders positioned one on the front and one in the back.

In our standard confirguration (as in the pictures) the front bladder is the main bladder and has a 400mm inflator coming from the right. The OPR valve is also in the front but its on the righthand side for easier access considering your stages will be on the left.

The emergency bladder is on the back and the inflator comes from the left. The OPR valve is at the back on the lefthand side.


Inside bladders – Nylon 290D

Outside bladder – any available fabric

Any embroidery can be made on your bladder for 20eur (size up to 50x220mm)


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