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Twin tanks set

Twin tanks set

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The set includes

-two DIN first stages and the choice is between Plutone (in chrome or black), Jupiter, Minerva or Mercurio (in satin or black). Due to the compactness and ideal routing of the hoses for twin tanks we strongly recommend Plutone and Jupiter. IF you are going to use the same regulators when you dive sidemount please consider Minerva or Mercurio which allow both configurations – please dont forget to specify the first stage you prefer (Minerva and Mercurio are more expensive)

-two balanced second stages Venere

-on gauges with hp swivel that can be either with a white or a black dial with a hose 60 cm long – please dont forget to specify the gauge model in the notes when you order (the price is the same!)

-90 degree connection

-80mm small bolt snap and a zip tie

-100mm small bolt snap and a zip tie

-50cm bungy and a zip tie

-regulator bag

In design

with Jupiter or Plutone, with Minerva or Mercurio